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Let’s get this training party started! Our inclusive training workshops are designed and delivered to unleash your awesomeness and inspire your team.

Vibrant learning experiences change the way you see yourselves at work, and enable new opportunities for growth

Sounds good, right? Dive straight into our 3 core areas of expertise and discover how HappyMind design and deliver training and how you too can have a happy mind…

Impact & Influence

Feel like you’re not getting heard in the boardroom? Maybe that monkey on your shoulder keeps whispering in your ear that you can’t do something. It’s time to address those communication and confidence issues and learn how to make impact and influence.

This training helps you be remembered.

HappyMind Training | Impact and Influence
HappyMind Training | Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity & Inclusion

“The world changes so quickly, it’s hard to keep up”. Don’t worry, we hear you! To make this happen, we create a safe environment to discuss marginalisation, judgement and bias, and cover the topics to discuss practical solutions and emotional guidance.

Bring your tissues, this training is honest and moving!

Emotional Intelligence

Life can be tough – you’ll have experienced fear, stress, rejection and a whole manner of other emotions. But what if you could react better to them? Even better, what if you could recognise it in others and know how to support them?

Don’t be surprised if this training helps you personally as well as professionally.

HappyMind Training | Emotional Intelligence
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Thought provoking and relevant, this is one of the best courses I have done for some time and a course I believe everyone would benefit from completing. Always such an uplifting and positive experience with Dean Kaden!

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An incredibly necessary session! Great insights, perspectives and resources were shared. The trainer helped to encourage engagement, even when discussing topics that some may find uncomfortable.

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Sound good?

We think so as well, so if you're looking to be motivated, want to change, improve or reflect positively it's time for us to chat.

So, you know what? Let's do it. With our happy mind and your learning needs, this promises to be a fruitful relationship.

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Negative Feedback

Have you recently been given some negative feedback? Maybe you’ve got an annual review coming up? However much we’d like to avoid it, we all get negative feedback at some point. In this post we’ll look at how to handle it and why often it’s not actually so negative after all.

Always Late?

Do you ever find yourself running behind schedule, scrambling to make it to meetings or failing to hit deadlines? Are you a serial procrastinator? Perhaps you have a reputation for… Always. Being. Late. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back!

Powerful Storytelling

If you’ve ever found yourself completely captivated by a speaker, have you ever asked yourself why their message resonated so much? What was it that kept you on the edge of your seat? Chances are it was the way they brought their words to life by bringing you into their story.

Healthy Digital Habits

Technology has become an integral part of our daily lives, however, we know it’s not all positive, tech has its downsides, such as digital burnout, information overload, and addiction.

Staying Connected

In a world of digital desk hopping, how easy is it to stay connected? And what’s the emotional impact of logging-on remotely? In other words: how do you have a presence when you aren’t… well, present?

Learning to Say No

Are you a people pleaser? It’s time to start flexing your “no” muscle! Saying no is a powerful tool in managing your time and energy. 3 simple tips to help you start saying no today.

Public Speaking

Public speaking anxiety can develop at an early age and it may be hard to shake off. The impact of this can be huge; affecting self-esteem, avoiding social situations, and decreased job opportunities. We’ve got your back!

Sitting Pretty

Sitting Pretty is one of the most articulate reads on disability. There is so much that I have not mentioned here, including how expensive it is to be disabled and the perils of trying to find accessible housing.

Resilience or bouncing back?

I always thought that resilience was about keeping going, bouncing back when things got tough. In my head resilient people never gave up, they always found a way to carry on.


I was about thirteen when I first read Quiet. Back then, I fantasised about outgrowing my introversion. One day, I won’t find small talk awkward. One day, I’ll have lots of friends rather than a cherished few.

Content Corner

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