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Our training courses are designed to help learners remember and importantly apply the learning. Many of our most popular training courses have extra training resources which expand on the ideas we have covered. Check out a selection from our current training portfolio.

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Inclusive Presentations

We’ve been designing and delivering training for over 15 years and work hard to make our presentations as inclusive and accessible as possible. Here we’ve curated over 40 ways to help you be more inclusive too.

Time Management

Learning how to manage your time is vital for productivity and important for stress levels. In addition to our Time Management Training Course we have extra resources covering nearly 40 tips that make a genuine difference!

A healthy lentil salad

Digital Well-being

To support our popular Digital Well-Being Training Course we have over 60 ideas to help you on your journey to healthy digital habits. Now more than ever this subject is so relevant in corporate and personal life too.

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