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Our diverse team are specialists in communications, presenting, psychology, coaching and technology. Each of us brings our unique style, perspective and passion to HappyMind Training and proves that diversity is a vital part of our offer and key to our success.









Our diverse team are specialists in communications, presenting, psychology, coaching and technology. Each of us brings our unique style, perspective and passion to HappyMind Training and proves that diversity is a vital part of our offer and key to our success.

Dean Kaden - Trainer Headshot

Dean Kaden

HappyMind Training Founder & Director

I founded HappyMind Training in spring 2022 having worked as a corporate trainer, facilitator and coach for over 15 years.

I originally trained as an actor and have performed in several West End shows, film and television. In 2004, I moved into training as it gave me the opportunity to use my skills to help others.

I’ve also been a Certified Apple Trainer for over 12 years now and I’m a proud tech geek 🙂 This means our training materials always look visually stunning and we use all the latest tech to make our training sessions fun and super interactive.

I’m all about creating a fun and welcoming atmosphere when I facilitate sessions. I’m super passionate about psychology, communication skills, and emotional intelligence, and love sharing that with others. There’s nothing better than seeing the positive difference we can make in these sessions, and it’s the reason why I am so grateful to work with so many awesome people.

Fire away with any questions you might have, I know we can help, so get in touch.

Expertise: Facilitation Skills, Keynote Speaker & Coach, Training Design & Delivery

Marc Jacquemin

Associate Trainer / Content Designer

I often start my training sessions by saying “I’m probably the tallest Mexican you’ll ever meet”. As much as it helps me break the ice, get a laugh and relax, that simple sentence says a lot about myself. I try not to take myself too seriously and I have a rich multicultural background. I’ve lived in 4 cities in 3 different continents, and I’m now based in Auckland, New Zealand.

In a world where we’re often quickly judged and not listened to enough, I strive to create a safe & judgement free space where participants can open up, share and be themselves. People describe my facilitation style as genuine, warm, relaxed, fun and engaging.

Working with HappyMind Training was a no brainer, we share the same values and passions. What truly makes me happy is seeing the positive and immediate impact our sessions have on peoples lives, in and outside the workplace.

Expertise: Facilitation Skills, Training Design & Delivery | #english #spanish #french
Marc Jacquemin - Trainer Headshot
Athena Gupta - HappyMind Associate Coach

Athena Gupta

Associate Trainer / Transformational Coach

I’m a Transformational Coach who has trained with an ICF accredited school, has a BSc in Psychology from UCL and over a decade’s experience coaching in HR & Talent roles for large listed businesses. I was fortunate enough to be coached during the growth phase of my career and it changed my life immensely.

I continue to grow and learn and share those learnings with my own clients, ranging from actors and aspiring business owners to CFOs and CEOs alike. My work together with HappyMind Training facilitates self-growth and supports them on their journey to success.

As a woman of colour, I myself have experienced barriers to success, both personally and professionally. Through coaching, I’ve been able to remove many of those barriers and design the life that I want for myself.

My mission is to empower people of colour to realise their purpose and goals in life. Together, we’ll navigate the steps to allow you to enjoy life to the full. We all have dreams, we often just need to invest in ourselves to unlock them.

Expertise: Personal & Business Coaching, Facilitation Skills, | #english #hindi

Lance Haswell

Business Development Consultant

I’m passionate about inner growth and discovering what really creates genuine lasting happiness.

I love what HappyMind stands for and that personal growth and happiness is at its core. I know from personal experience, a happy mind does create a happy and meaningful life. Whatever our personal circumstances, we all have the same hours in a day, so how we spend it and with whom is an essential choice.

In terms of my credentials, starting out as a young graduate, I worked my way up to the most senior roles in sales and marketing organisations, reported into board directors in large blue chip companies, managed multi-million pound budgets to deliver commercial objectives, led large teams and delivered digital and strategic transformations.

I generally prefer to talk less and listen more, so I hope I get to hear more about what’s important to you and how HappyMind can help.

Expertise: Marketing & Influencing Skills, Business Communication, Training Delivery
Lance Haswell - Trainer Headshot
Germaine Faulkner - Trainer Headshot

Germaine Faulkner

Associate Trainer / Project Manager

I would describe myself as a people focused leader of change. I have a BSc (Hons) in Psychology from City University (University of London) as well as several project, programme and product management qualifications.

Many years of leading large scale change initiatives, as well as heading up operations with 100+ people, has taught me how important it is to ‘meet people where they are’ (cognitively) and focus on delivering what they value rather than what others think they need.

As a people focused organisation, HappyMind makes it easy for me to do what I love, which is sharing what I’ve learnt over my career and providing training on delivering value driven projects and programmes to customers in an agile way. And we have a lot of fun too!

Expertise: Project Management, Facilitation Skills, Training Design & Delivery

Luke Harris

Associate Trainer / Actor Facilitator

I began my working career as an English teacher in France and Spain, purely as a means to an end of learning how to salsa and smoke cigarettes properly 🙂  However, I soon fell in love with what it was to be a truly great teacher and ever since then I’ve been fascinated with the process of learning and personal growth.

After training as an actor I came across drama based learning. This combined my love of theatre with education and my career path was set.

I’ve now facilitated drama based training for over 50 major international companies, working with thousands of people at all levels. I truly believe that the training room can be a place of nurturing as well as powerful moments of inspiration.

As a long term practitioner and teacher of yoga and meditation, I love bringing in techniques that have the power to make people happier not just professionally, but in every area of their lives.

Expertise: Facilitation & Presentation Skills | #english #spanish #french
Luke Harris - Trainer Headshot
Deshna van Aarssen - HappyMind Web Designer

Deshna van Aarssen

Web Designer & Technical Tinkerer

Implementing ideas, motivating others and finding inspiring collaborations give me a lot of joy. This keeps me focused as I work through all the challenges that arise during the creative process of creating and developing websites.

Working with HappyMind is full of discoveries. I love it! Looking at your work from different perspectives is always enriching, even when it is not always easy.

We often think of ourselves as 2 people; one at work and one in private. Although we may conduct ourselves in different ways, it’s my experience that when I can truly be myself, in any situation, I am always happier, more clear, more productive and more fun.

I love that HappyMind Training not only raises awareness but actually helps you learn how to be fully present and be yourself at work, and let others do this too.

Expertise: Website Design & Development, Graphic Design, Workflow Management | #english #dutch #swedish

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