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Let’s face it, 2 years of home working has given us all a sense of Zoom-fatigue, so there’s nothing worse than sitting through 2 hours of dull, boring and unimaginative training content.

That’s where HappyMind Training comes in. We’re on a mission to show that with the right tech and tools, online (and in-person!) learning can be engaging, fun and rammed full of creative and interactive experiences!

At HappyMind, we combine years of training excellence, with all the latest tech so you’re getting that perfect blend of soft and technical expertise.  It’s like that first smoothie on a hot Sunday morning; delightful.

Have a look at what we offer; we’ll bet you won’t regret letting us help you develop your happy mind.

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Making a difference

We only pick subjects we’re super passionate about and ones we know bring meaningful change to individuals, teams and organisations. Our philosophy is simple, be authentic, work with integrity and inspire positivity and growth in others.

Awesome trainers

A small team of hand-picked trainers with years of experience facilitating and training with the biggest brands in the world. Fun, authentic, full of stories and brilliant at inspiring learning.



Immersive design

At HappyMind we use cutting-edge production technology and awesome slide design to captivate and engage learners. By combining impactful content with stunning design, we create interactive and unforgettable experiences. 

Inclusive delivery

Creating a safe space for learning unlocks the opportunity for people to try new things, step out of their comfort zone and speak from the heart. We strive to create spaces where people feel empowered and open to share.


Who we’ve been working with

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HappyMind Training Pink Quotation Mark
Super useful and clear. Really enjoyable session! One of my favourite people to learn from, very engaging. Thank you!
HappyMind Training Yellow Quotation Mark
Very, very good course. Lot’s of advice and tips and very practical too with a great trainer. Thoroughly recommend.
HappyMind Training Teal Quotation Mark
Dean Kaden has a great training style – relaxed, good pace through the content, and great summary after each section for clarity. Well done!

tailored for you

Check out our training offering – we think it’s pretty extensive but if you’re still not convinced, call for a chat or drop us an email. Like a make of fancy suit, we can adapt to whatever your needs are: from small groups to large, tailoring is vital to what we do. See what we did there?

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