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Hack Your Habits

All people are the same, only their habits differ – Confucius

Is that guitar gathering dust in the corner? Are you feeling frustrated by the goals you’ve set but haven’t achieved? Are you ready to embark on an exciting journey of self-improvement? Discover why so many goals end up unfulfilled and gain powerful insights into how to replace destructive habits with positive ones.

In our Hack Your Habits training course, we explore the fascinating world of habit change and goal setting. We’ll delve into the psychology behind habits, exploring why we do what we do and how we can break free from unproductive routines. From identifying your triggers to building new, positive habits, we’ll cover it all.

To change habits it’s essential to set goals that are clear, motivating, and actionable. We emphasise the significance of setting goals that resonate with your values, aspirations, and unique circumstances. We’ll explore the art of goal setting, helping you craft a vision that ignites your passion and drives you towards your goals.

We’ll look into the psychological and emotional factors that contribute to procrastination, such as fear of failure, perfectionism, and lack of motivation. You’ll learn proven techniques to cultivate self-discipline, boost motivation, and develop a positive mindset that counteracts the pull of procrastination.

Throughout the course, you’ll learn techniques for habit identification and effective habit tracking. We’ll explore the power of positive reinforcement and habit stacking, enabling you to harness the potential of small, consistent actions that compound over time. We’ll look at the importance of optimising your environment and leveraging your network to reinforce new habits and overcome those inevitable setbacks.

So, whether you want to kick that pesky procrastination habit, develop a consistent exercise routine, or boost your productivity, our Hack Your Habits training is a transformative session for many and has now become one of our regular favourites.

Training Team: Dean Kaden | Marc Jacquemin
Delivery Format: Virtual | Hybrid | Classroom
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Here’s what we’ll cover:


Deep dive into the fascinating psychology behind habits and why they can be so stubborn to change


We tackle the main reasons people fail to create meaningful long-term habit change


Define the steps to setting goals that are not only achievable but also motivating


Techniques to help eliminate procrastination and develop a proactive, goal-oriented approach


Learn techniques to clarify your vision, identify your priorities, and align your goals with your personal and professional ambitions


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Can this training course be delivered in person?

All our training courses are delivered virtually using MS Teams, WebEx and Zoom. We have offices in London, Brighton and Auckland and deliver classroom workshops in the UK, Europe, NZ and Australia.

How do you make learning fun?

All of our training is designed in-house by our awesome trainers and graphic designers. We use cutting-edge production techniques to create fun and inspiring ways to engage with our learners that helps make learning easy and long lasting. We are often asked "how are you doing this?!"

What is the ideal group size?

All of our training courses are highly interactive. For virtual and hybrid training sessions we suggest a maximum of 24 participants and for classroom training the optimum group size is 16-18.

The thoughts in your mind give us happiness

HappyMind Training Pink Quotation Mark
Absolutely wonderful session. Probably one of the best I have attended this year. Fantastic presenter-very clear, to the point with true life examples & all with added humour. I could listen to him all day!
HappyMind Training Yellow Quotation Mark
It really makes you stop and think about how you can start doing the things you really want in life. Loved it!
HappyMind Training Teal Quotation Mark
Great course - good to stop and think about how you ensure goals are met - not set but met! Often too easy to let life get in the way of achieving!

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